Rooms Lotus Paradise

Our Accommodations

Life just got a little more luxurious at Lotus Paradise. We have seven gorgeous rooms and traditionally equipped Cabana for our guests. All of the fabrics, furniture, pillows and accent décor have been decided to incorporate brighter tones with a contemporary feeling, mixed with a touch of Sri Lankan flair.

Our Right bed rooms are nestled overlooking Madhu River and lush mangrove forests. We provide the most casual and “laid back” accommodation with a River view morning, noon and night. This mind blowing view will take your breath away and give you a chance to relax your mind, body and soul away from your busy life style.

Each of our luxurious rooms features spacious open air roof top garden with comfortable seating overlooking the Madhu River and the smallest island in it.


Deluxe Room

Air conditioned Deluxe bed rooms are fitted with king size beds adorned with luxurious linens.


Family Room

The family bed room has an attached room consisting two extra beds for children and a specious massage bath cabin. The cabana located to feel the fresh wind directly view of the lush River.



Our first class rooms will make sure you have a pleasant and a comfortable stay at Lotus-Paradise.