Frequently asked questions | Lotus Paradise Hotel


In this section we’ve addressed many of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, we invite you to contact us directly and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  1. Is Lotus Paradise near good beaches?
    Although Lotus Paradise is located at a mangrove thicket by Madhu River, you can reach to the beach in five minutes drive. It is located on one of the best beach in Sri Lanka where our group Lotus Villa located. This is an uncrowded clean beach and warm water year around. You can relax, do Yoga and meditation or swim. (Lifeguards are on duty at Lotus Villa beach)
  2. Does Lotus Paradise rent property as a whole for team activities?
    Yes, such requests also welcome.
  3. Does Lotus Paradise offer Yoga and is it included?
    We arrange private lessons rather than our Yoga retreat package with our experienced instructors. Yoga private lessons is not free of charge. And can be arrange at a reasonable price depending on the number of attendance. We do provide mats, blocks, towels and straps.
  4. How far is Lotus Paradise from International Airport?
    Lotus Paradise is a two and half drive from Katunayaka International Airport. We can help you to arrange a private helicopter.
  5. Are there a lot of mosquitoes?
    Nestled in the lush river bank, we do have a few mosquitoes during nights certain times of the year. We provide mosquito spray and clean your room twice a day to keep the mosquitoes away.
  6. Do you accept US Dollars, Euros and Sri Lankan Rupees? Is there an ATM close to the hotel?
    We accept US Dollars, Euros and Sri Lankan Rupees. There are ATM in town, approximately one mile from the hotel.
  7. Is there a medical center or hospital close to the hotel?
    Yes, there is a government hospital in our town, we can also have a Doctor come to the hotel (in 10 min) who is 24 * 7 on call at our beach property Lotus Villa.